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Welcome to my site. The site has evolved into focusing on EODC™. Everything on this site will emerge as my thoughts emerge. Hopefully, I will continue to evolve my own perspectives on how change occurs and what conditions are needed to better influence, move with, and/or adapt to change.

Emergent change is a natural and wondrous process.

Patrick A. Trottier  M.S.

Practitioner, Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Speaker

An Emergent Organizational Development and Change Practice

“Moving Traditional, Hierarchical Organizations Toward
Collaborative, Value-based Networks”

– Over 25 Years of Supporting Clients To Achieve Success –

My Mission is simple: “Your Success”

 First, I want to thank all the people in over 65 countries that have read my writings.
I never thought that would happen. I am humbled.

Formal Education:

Four Year Bachelor of Arts: Psychology.
Master of Science; Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
Master Certification; Leadership / Management Development and Coaching.
Master Certification; Total Quality Management.
Master Certification; Facilitation, Group Dynamics and Problem-Solving (do and teach).
Master Certification; Building Teams.

Informal Education:

The Streets

How did my interest in ‘the world of work’ begin?

When I was working in a steel forging factory in 1966-67 at the age of 18 -19, I looked around and saw a lot of waste of people’s abilities – both management and non-management. People were basically extensions of the machines, timetables and assembly lines. I use to sit around during breaks and at lunch and ask questions to the older guys about what work was like to them. We got into all types of discussions about working there, management practices, decision making, how things are done, what effected their performance, what labor felt about how they were treated, safety issues, the experience of working as part of the machine on the assembly line and in the steel forging plant, the headaches supervisors and management were constantly having in getting things done, working conditions, the impact of being there a long time – the impact to their minds, their families, their emotions, their spirit…  etc..  Before long people came from all over the plant(s) to join into these informal discussions – every day just sitting around the old, dirty lunch room, or outside on a wooden pallet. This was in 1966 -67.

I learned a lot about work and people at that early age. On a particular hot and humid summer night shift, I decided to work in the area of ‘organizations’ and maybe make a ‘dent’ in creating some positive change in the world of work. I just did not know how to go about such. In 1972, I read a one-liner in a book about this thing called ‘Organizational Development’ and ‘culture’. This started my journey…

What do I do?

I work with individuals, teams and organizations to create healthy, performance-based organizational cultures and work climates at all levels, and help to develop an organization’s relationships with its environments.

I work with organizations to look at themselves and where they can make an improvement to their bottom-line and create the kind of work place that attracts and retains good people.

I’ve worked with executives, all levels of leadership / management, unions, professionals, blue-collar workers, city street gangs, police, fire folks, city and state workers, federal departments, entrepreneurs, engineers, bankers, pipe makers and native populations… and these are just a few.

I have always taken an eclectic, customized approach because each organization is unique in its history, culture, concerns, issues, business strategies, customers, and its people. I start with a blank sheet as I work with my clients to understand the situation together and to design appropriate efforts to get positive movement going and to keep that movement going.

I work with Leadership to clarify their ‘objectives’ (what they want to achieve), work with them to design a process and bring the right people together to achieve ‘organizational alignment’ and desired results.

I’ve worked with really motivated and inspired people to grumpy, negative people to climates of ‘learned helplessness’.

I ask simple questions like: “Where are you at? Where do you want to go?  What are you ready to do to get there?” I believe that by asking the right questions and the tough questions moves people into conversations they want to, or need to, get into.

The critical aspect, the underlying platform is to develop trust and support people to experience success.

I also believe it is important to start where the people are really at (acceptance without judgement), and move from there. Designing a customized change and development process must ‘fit’ the client – not the other way around.

“Generally, I have a huge passion to help create healthy, performance-based organizations and cultures where people experience accomplishment and feel good about where they work.”


Patrick has In-Depth Insight and Knowledge  (as written by a client)

Patrick has practiced Organization Development and Effectiveness for over 25 years in both Canada and the U.S.with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies, to make a significant difference in bottom line results and in creating great work climates where people want to bring their best to.

Through partnership, Patrick works together with his clients to gain greater understanding and insight about where the organization is, where it wants to go and how it is going to get there.

Simply, he defines an organization as people coming together to achieve something.

Patrick develops strategic partnerships with Sr. Leaders and all levels of an organization to create fully customized approaches to maximize individual, team and organizational performance to achieve strategic and business results.

His graduate work focused on ‘The Relationship Between Leadership, Culture and Performance’ and has been the basis for his work to this day. Patrick graduated with a Masters Of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in 1984.

Patrick exhibits depth of expertise in facilitating, assessing, designing, communicating and engaging others to implement fully integrated and customized O.D. and change processes in complex, rapidly changing and challenging environments.

Patrick has an innate ability to facilitate and engage others within an open Team environment of continuous improvement to create adaptive, results-orientated work climates. Working with the big picture, Patrick also demonstrates organizational agility and the ability to read the subtle nuances of a situation and react/plan accordingly.

Patrick views organizational development not as ‘project’ or simply as a static ‘change initiative’, but as an ‘ongoing evolving and adaptive organizational capability’ to proactively deal with the rapidly changing demands of business environments.

He views organizational development as a key element in the implementation of any overall business strategy. Patrick transfers his skills and knowledge into the client organization to increase its capacity for its own ongoing development.

Depth-Of-Field, Applied Experience:  “Patrick is an OD’ers OD person.” 

Patrick mentors people in OD who have their Masters, PhD, or are finishing their PhD. Patrick helps other OD practitioners, at all stages of their experience, to be able to design customized, practical applications and effective OD implementation processes to make a real difference for their clients.

Patrick is a maverick who constantly challenges the ‘status quo’ to evolve new and more effective approaches and practical applications to better support organizations and people to experience ‘success’.

Patrick has learned ‘the ropes’ from working in the trenches and learning in the ‘school of hard knocks’ from the streets of the blue-collar city he grew up in, to the factory floor, to working professionally with all levels of an organization from the ‘executive world ‘, to front line staff, to external stakeholders and partners.

Natural Ability

Patrick has a rare talent to move from ‘concept’, to design, to applied and practical application.

Patrick has honed his craft over the years, and has been hailed as ‘a visionary of thought leadership’, mentor, coach, paradigm shifter and relationship-builder. Patrick works with individuals, groups and organizations to identify their critical success factors, to raise their level of performance, and to achieve their desired results.  

Patrick has developed Next Generation approaches to other disciplines by integrating the methodologies and tools of Organizational Development into such professions as Project Management and Human Resources.

Patrick has also worked in Central America, South America, Africa and the Caribbean in community development and conflict resolution under the most demanding and life threatening conditions and situations.  

Patrick originates from Windsor, Ontario and for the last 35 years has lived in San Francisco, Napa Valley and beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   

Patrick loves to sail, scuba dive, hike and travel to exotic destinations. Most of all, Patrick loves to talk about his passion – “What do you want to create?” and “What’s possible…”  

See his LinkedIn site for more information.

Contact: EmergentOD@shaw.ca 

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Bob Hill says:

    Mr. Trottier,
    In reading the opening section of your Blog, I was moved by the story of what I perceive to be a natural listener and a curious mind. It is funny how listening to answers and asking more questions leads people to start connecting concepts and ideas together. In my work, I have been asking leaders to journal their journey as they immerse themselves into a problem, issue, opportunity and document their connections of concepts so that when they want to “bring someone up to speed” they have a journey of connections that they can take them on. This practice seemingly had no foundation or precedent in models or frameworks that I have studied until I began to look over your content in this Blog. Now I’m tempted to take my remaining vacation days and disappear into this content.
    I can’t tell you how happy finding this has made me.


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