PPT Presentation on EMERGENT CHANGE®

© Patrick Trottier

This an up-dated PPT presentation on ‘EODC® and Emergent Change®:

Click on top menu ‘Slide Show‘, then to the left ‘From Beginning‘.

It is important to view the PPT ‘in motion’ to experience the GIFs… the GIFs get the messages across and makes the PPT come to life – you will see what I mean… it is flat without the motion.

The video is too big for Word Press…


About Patrick A. Trottier

I am a 30 plus year applied Organizational Development practitioner having honed my craft in the U.S., Canada and internationally. Presently living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., I am currently developing the next evolution of O.D. termed; 'Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change® (EODC)®, and focusing on Emergent OD®, Emergent Change® and the development of Emergent Organizations® within my professional practice.
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