The Simple Law of Emergent Transforming™

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The Law of Emergent Transforming™

“When one’s comfort zone (individual, group, organization) with ‘the unknown’ is greater than (>) one’s comfort zone of ‘the known’, transformation occurs naturally.”

Curiosity, exploration, imagination, openness, inquiry, dialogue / conversations, trust, shifts in mental and emotional frameworks, etc., develop, and the emergence of newness and novel ‘frameworks’ (thoughts, beliefs, concepts, perceptions) occur naturally and in real time.

Thus, ‘change’ becomes natural – and not another ‘project’ or ‘task’ to add to the list of things to do.

Through ‘re-framing’ how we ‘see’ things, a shift in how we see ourselves and our worlds occur.

This shift in our feelings and perspectives manifest a difference
in how we ‘see’ things,
and thus, in what we create, naturally…


perception - horn plyer

If you were to write, or create, something about what you ‘see’ in this picture, would it not be different than if it was about the woman, or the jazz musician?


An Important Note:

I do not use the term ‘transformation’ because it conveys, by definition, the change from one ‘static state’ to another ‘static state’ describing the conversion of one configuration or expression into another configuration or expression – as in ‘change management’, or ‘event change’, or even in traditional OD.

I use the term ‘Emergent Transforming
because such conveys
a continual emergent process of the ebb and flow of continuous emergence,
and novel re-forming.

I have been thinking about these concepts since the 1970s and have seen such manifest itself with many people, many places, many organizations, and in many different situations and times.

Thank you for thoughts, your time and your consideration to this.


About Patrick A. Trottier

I am a 30 plus year applied Organizational Development practitioner having honed my craft in the U.S., Canada and internationally. Presently living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., I am currently developing the next evolution of O.D. termed; 'Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change® (EODC)®, and focusing on Emergent OD®, Emergent Change® and the development of Emergent Organizations® within my professional practice.
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