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The Emergent Organizational Development and Change (EODC)® Platform

By Patrick A. Trottier (2016) The EODC® Platform co-creates the conditions by working with an organization in partnership  so emergent change becomes apparent, is influenced more fluidly and naturally, and ‘change’ itself is viewed and experienced as a normal, continuous, … Continue reading

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Emergent Action Research™ (EAR), and Emergent Learning™

Welcome to this write-up about Emergent Action Research™, and Emergent Learning™ Introduction I have worked within different areas of Emergent Action Research™ with different clients throughout the years. This is a composite of such work to create an ‘Emergent Action … Continue reading

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A Leadership Culture

“Would not an organizational culture naturally emerge from a Leadership Culture?“   I propose that by creating a ‘Leadership Culture’, such would manifest the desired culture better than the 20th Century traditional ‘culture change’ approaches. A Leadership Culture A short … Continue reading

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