Part 1: Emergent Organizational Development® – Emergent Change® Video

Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change® (EODC®) , Emergent Organizational Development® (EOD®) and Emergent Change® are under registered trademark, 2017. All writings are considered under copyright as per The Institute For Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change®, Patrick Trottier and Associates. Written permission is required.

On Emergent Change®

A Simple Diagram Of How Emergent Change Occurs

Simple Emer Diagram

The following PPT Video on Emergent Change® is Part 1. of an ongoing video series:

Part 1. On You Tube:

Part 1: Emergent Change®
Part 2: Emergent Organizations™
Part 3: Emergent Organizational Development®
Part 4. Emergent Organizational Development®; Novel Technologies and Collaborative
Network Organizations For The 21st Century (

Content: Part 1: Emergent Change®

  • On Change Itself
  • What is ‘emergent change’?
  • A Simple Diagram Of How Emergent Change Occurs
  • Emergence Regarding Open Systems – Closed Systems
  • Planned Change, Event Change, and Emergent Change®
  • Emergent Change®… and Organizations
  • Emergent Organizational Development® … and traditional Organizational Development
  • Why Emergent Organizations™ Are Able To Be Created Now
  • Chaos, complexity and rates of change…
  • Self-Organizing Agents
  • Emergent Change® … and Leaders
  • The Emergent Organizational Development® Platform
  • Words of Wisdom…
  • Contact
  • About Patrick Trottier

Patrick A. Trottier
Emergent Organizational Development and Change®
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


I hope this presentation manifests your understanding, curiosity and imagination…

Thank you for your time and consideration…

Any feedback in the ‘Reply’ section below is welcome.

About Patrick A. Trottier

I am a 30 plus year applied Organizational Development practitioner having honed my craft in the U.S., Canada and internationally. Presently living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., I am currently developing the next evolution of O.D. termed; 'Emergent Organizational Development and Emergent Change® (EODC)®, and focusing on Emergent OD®, Emergent Change® and the development of Emergent Organizations® within my professional practice.
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2 Responses to Part 1: Emergent Organizational Development® – Emergent Change® Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clive Bevan

    Patrick… good work… this is well worth a review… when you download the power point and reveal a blank screen with only one blank slide in your deck numbering system, this does not change until you press the Play button.

    Universe, weather and then more local complex systems then chunk down in to patterns in my thinkbox and in a change context the need for a genie’s lamp to exchange new understanding on the patterns from the old ones.

    Pattern breaking and new sense making are key to change and Patrick is on the edge of sense making in part 1. Patrick makes a great contribution to LinkedIn Change with thanks from me and a recommendation to all.

    • Patrick A. Trottier says:

      Hi Clive – thanks for the encouraging words :o) …also. thanks for the technical feedback.

      I am offering 2 different ways to view the ‘Part 1. Emergent Change’ video:

      1. I added a You Tube link to view the ‘Emergent Change .mwv video’. (easier)
      2. Re: the ‘Emergent Change’ PPT video. I added more emphasis on the site to your point about the blank screen and having to manually start it by clicking on the ‘Play’ button – all limitations of the current technology of LinkedIn, Word Press, etc.

      Hearing such words especially from yourself is most encouraging. I find the world of emergence fascinating especially as it relates to individuals, groups and organizations. I was always interested in what is on the horizon… and creating ideas into practical, concrete approaches for effective change that works.

      Thanks Clive – you have no idea what your words do mean to me in this journey…

      All the best, Patrick

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