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‘Doing and Being’

By Patrick Trottier Abridged From ‘The Organizational Development Workshop’ Organizational Development is not just a bunch of theories, interventions and technical methodologies. As part of the ’mastery’ of  the discipline and practice of Organizational Development, as well as many other professions and … Continue reading

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How Well Is Your Organization’s ‘Reputational Bank’ Doing? Is It Continually Making Deposits Or Withdrawals?

Everything included in this blog site is under trademark, 2017. We appreciate your honoring and respecting such. Nothing can be printed or used in any way without written (not email) permission by Patrick A. Trottier, The Institute of Emergent Organizational … Continue reading

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Why Are The Fundamentals Of Organizational Development Important?

By Patrick Trottier To begin with a few quotes:  “You have to monitor your fundamentals constantly because the only thing that changes will be your attention to them. The fundamentals will never change.” Michael Jordan  “Learn the fundamentals of the … Continue reading

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What Is A ‘Healthy, Performance-Based Organization and Culture’?

By Patrick Trottier One hears a lot these days about ‘healthy organizations’, ‘healthy cultures’, and the need to enhance ‘organizational performance’. What does that mean? The following are a few attributes and perspectives that I believe describe such. Of course these … Continue reading

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‘Generative Dialogue’ and Emergent Change

By Patrick Trottier For Download: PDF Version: GenerativeDialogue Introduction Generative and meaningful dialogue is a powerful tool and process to make real change happen. Generative and meaningful dialogue can connect people in ways they have not experienced before on a … Continue reading

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